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  • “You have a patient for life. All my life I never received any compliments on my skin. Now people compliment me all the time.” - Robin K.

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  • “That facial was better than the Red Door Spa at Elizabeth Arden.
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  • “The laser treatment worked. It looks great.
    You did such a good job and I appreciate it so much. Thank you.”
    - Geraldine B.

  • “I will only come to you from now on.
    You are a thorough, honest perfectionist.” - Michele E.

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Graceanne’s Tips for Great Skin

  • "Sublative Fractional RF is an excellent way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with little downtime."
    - As seen on iHeart Radio by Graceanne Svendsen

  • "Food is Medicine.  Foods with bright colors and intense pigments give your body unique antioxidants which fight free radicals.  Other than the sun, free radicals are one of the leading causes of wrinkles."

  • "Drink half your weight in water daily.  If you drink caffeinated beverages throughout the day, re-hydrate with same ounces of water."

  • "Sugared beverages are not only empty calories, but cause inflammation and glycation.  Glycation is a strong contributing factor to wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes."

  • "If you suffer from acne, consider a dairy free diet.  Dairy is mucus and inflammatory causing.  Pesticides on feed, chemicals and hormones injected in to the cows affects the bio-chemistry of humans which can irritate acne."

  • "Not all sunscreen is alike.  Using oil free sunscreen with zinc and titanium will minimize irritations and breakouts."

  • "Not all sunscreen is alike.  Using oil free sunscreen with zinc and titanium will minimize irritations and breakouts."

  • "Disinfect cell phones and telephones that routinely touch your face.  Better yet, go hands free to minimize radiation exposure!"

  • "Using unscented laundry detergent and dryer sheets helps patients with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea."

  • "Acne patients are encouraged to change their pillowcases twice a week.  Oil, dirt and bacteria can build up and cause more breakouts."

  • "To avoid photo damage on the neck and décolleté refrain from spraying perfume directly on the skin.  If you must wear perfume, dab a bit behind the ears or on the back of the knees.  Consider your environment, and be mindful of allergies and sensitivities to perfume."

  • "Hair spray users are encouraged to cover their faces (especially the forehead) when spraying."

  • "Discard your mascara every three to six months. As a matter of fact, ask me how we can do a cosmetic bag purge, makeup and product detox every six to twelve months!"

  • "Spray your makeup brushes after daily use with a brush cleaner and on a monthly basis shampoo and condition your animal hair brushes."

  • "Installing a shower filter not only protects your hair and skin from environmental toxins but leaves it hydrated and lustrous."

  • "When cleansing your face or taking a shower use warm water.  Too hot and too cold is irritating and strips the skin of it’s natural oils."

  • "Don’t over wash your face.  Most patients just need a splash of warm water in the morning with moisturizer and mineral sunscreen.  At night do a thorough cleanse to wash your skin and prep it for the night time when it re builds healthy skin cells."

  • "Picking your face not only spreads bacteria but leaves scars.  Call on your friendly trusted aesthetician for a thorough facial every month and you won’t need or desire to pick your face again."

  • "On my Facebook page Graceanne’s Brow Beauty Boot Camp I discuss the virtues of great brows.  Having well groomed eyebrows creates a meaningful frame for our eyes.  Stay away from the tweezer. Call an expert!"

  • For more information contact 
    Graceanne Svendsen at (615) 585-0302
    or email me at [email protected]
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While among one of the most common concept of a dancing pole that stands out right into your head could contain dark, smoke-filled locations and additionally scantily dressed females, nowadays that assumption has been changed by an acknowledgment for the art and also furthermore physical conditioning a dance article can supply. Though workshops might offer assistance as well as additionally community, having the ability to use a dancing post in your home is furthermore enticing.

What Makes a Great Residence Article?

The option to this problem will definitely depend as much on what you prepare to utilize the dancing message for as lengthy as the innate high quality of the blog post itself. Clearly, a lasting blog post that can preserve your complete body weight is a must, however what concerning the capability to easily place it up or take it down? Moreover, do you prefer the article to aid in various kinds of strategies or simply be dealt with? When it stresses a dance short article for home usage, a lot of them provide some kind movement options. Both plans are either taken care of or rotating. With a fixed configuration, the dancing post is protected right into area along with furthermore will certainly need you to capitalize on method along with power to rotate by yourself around the post.

The rotating arrangement opens up the dancing post along with consents it to change atop a collection of rounded bearings mounted within the message. The high quality of the spherical bearings integrated with the solidity of the steel will definitely usually identify merely just how reliable this particular is.

Exactly especially exactly how Do You Discover a Great House Post?

With those as well as furthermore various other qualities differing relying on the article chosen, it can be challenging establishing which post is the best message for residence usage. That is why we have in reality produced a listing of the 5 finest blog posts for residence use in addition to highlighted what each does far much better than the others. Afterwards we provide a practical customer's intro, so you can discover the absolute finest dance post to fit your demands.

As we can see, amongst one of one of the most trusted post for residence usage will definitely depend typically on what sort of techniques you attempt to manage, your size, as well as also your spending plan. The dance message established for working out airborne dancing for an opponents is not constantly the best post for someone that is simply desiring to enter into far better form.

No matter, if you are looking for the full ideal doing message, it is terrible tough to defeat the X-Pole. With a trademarked safeguarding as well as similarly jointing system that uses interior growth in addition to contraction, this is without a doubt one of among the most constant blog post we checked out. Regretfully, it is in addition among one of the most costly dance post on our listing in a similar way.

If you do not require a competitors top quality post however are still looking for a remarkable well worth, the MegaBrand dancing message is a remarkable option. It gives a remarkable weight ability as well as can fit in a lot more areas than any type of type of sort of many various other on our listing. As long as you guarantee the joints are smooth, the economical expenditure makes this wonderful for fitness purposes.

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